Bennett J. Grove II

CEO / Coach

No Button?

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Build Leaders and Pursue Growth while providing Award Winning Service. That mission statement is what best represents me, my company and our goals.

What am I most passionate about?

I am most passionate about my family. It’s at the core of everything that I am and do. Building leaders is genuinely what I feel like I am on this Earth to do. Learning to be a better Leader at home and in my business is an unending, ongoing journey. The lessons I learn along the way should be shared It’s how I feel like I can “change the world” in my own way. If you can bring people into your company and build them into Leaders, then they too will build Leaders and thereby start a chain of positivity that will be unstoppable!

Bennett's Coaching Philosophy

As a Coach, I am there to empower, support and guide clients. So many of the situations in business are contextual, so I don’t think my job is always to give a “concrete” answer so much as it is to talk through the situation and help empower, support or guide the client to a course of action. Using bowling as an analogy, we are kind of like bumper guards. We can’t bowl a strike for the client, but we can make sure they don’t end up in the gutters and increase the likelihood they bowl a strike for themselves.
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