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Brandon Lazar

CEO / Coach

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Brandon is a serial entrepreneur who has started, grown and sold a number of businesses allowing financial freedom at 32 years old. While earning his business degree, he started and operated a number of businesses. In addition to running a seven-figure gutter & window cleaning company that is entering it’s 14th year in business, he also operates a new software startup called HourlyIQ, as well as a growing commercial real estate portfolio.
Besides entrepreneurship, he holds passion for adventure and travel. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and the Mt Everest Base Camp, a motorcycle trip from East to South Africa and a number of trips to Southeast Asia are some of the experiences that he finds truly unforgettable.

What am I most passionate about?

Living a free and fulfilling life.

Brandon's Coaching Philosophy

Success happens when opportunity meets preparation. Business can be very challenging, but investing in yourself thru learning or coaching will allow greater clarity and confidence on your journey to success.

Areas of Expertise:
Personal Interests:
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