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Chase Lord

CEO / Coach

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Chase started washing houses in early 2016 while at his corporate job in Nuclear power. He left Corporate America in May of 2017 to pursue the American dream of business ownership and to escape the rat race. By the grace of God, he went from a $500 truck and trailer to what is now a five truck operation doing over $1.3 million dollars in sales and is rapidly growing.
He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 15 years and has three beautiful children. He is an early riser who loves to exercise, execute on his daily habits and love and lead his team well. His life is built on the foundation of his relationship with Christ and that guides his decisions on a daily basis.
He is more excited than ever for the opportunity the future holds for his family, his team and those he leads.
Chase is a motivated self-starter who leads others to achieve more than they ever thought possible. He knows that running a successful business is only 20% head knowledge and 80% grit and stick-to-it-iveness. Chase genuinely loves well and wants nothing more than to see others succeed in business and life.

What am I most passionate about?

I love to love up on and lead by example. Loving up on people and seeing them achieve success in every area of life, and not just in business.

Chase's Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is to truly get to know those whom I lead. I want to make sure we are winning in as many areas of life as possible and to ensure our change in business is long-term and sustainable. Most of the time the answer to all of our problems is inside of us already, but we’re waiting on someone to simply ask the right questions. I believe we were all endowed with undeniable strengths and gifts that are just waiting to be released. The Mastermind model is truly the best option for helping you take years off of the journey to get to whatever the destination is, as you define it. I love watching people transform right before my eyes.

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