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Chris Plunkett

CEO / Coach

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Chris started his business because he felt that customer service was lacking in his community. He wanted to show other business owners that you can have great customer service and a profit. He has grown a team that is focused on those things, in that order. With nearly 30 years of experience in his trade, and through the great coaches and mentors he has had, led him and his team to this level.

His superpower is extrapolating for missing data. Chris is dedicated to becoming a better tradesperson in every way he can, whether that means attending symposiums for technical training, or how to become a better manager, Chris shows that training is truly one of his core values.

What am I most passionate about?

Continuous Education – it is essential.

Chris' Coaching Philosophy

Let’s figure out what you don’t know and fill in the gaps!
Areas of Expertise:
Personal Interests:
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