Jackie Starcher

CEO / Coach

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Jackie has been building businesses for as long as she can remember. Starting off as an entrepreneur and running a service business,  she was forced to reinvent herself after the market crash of 2008. But, the same market that killed her business made her curious and as a result,  she took it mostly to accounting.
In the process of cost accounting for manufacturing, learning systems, and processes like six sigma and streamlining these very precise models, she then decided that she wanted to invent and implement similar models in the service realm – a realization that service businesses were being put into program solutions, fed LOTS of information and left with little to no actionable plan to execute those new methods. Queue: Her consulting business. She took all the 15 or so years of business modeling and coaching and compiled the digested content into a learning matrix. Powered and paired up with a leading company in the industry, she is now working to create tools/content/actionable methods to present a model that delivers real results for your business.

What am I most passionate about?

Growing businesses and creating freedom for business owners. My superpower is meeting people right where they are.

Jackie's Coaching Philosophy

I am a cyborg. I function on system and routine. I can make order out of chaos in any situation and I do not like to be idle. I have 7 children and a full-time career. Every facet of my life functions like a well-oiled machine.  Systemize it and you can sustain it. We get into business to have more freedom and somehow we end up discussing business with our spouses over dinner instead. We need to achieve balance and then freedom follows.
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