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Jennifer Calhoun

CEO / Coach

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Jennifer grew up in rural NW Tennessee, then moved to Illinois for graduate school and have lived in Portland, Oregon ever since. She has a Masters Degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and a decade of experience in collective bargaining and contract administration. For nearly two decades, she balanced traditional academics and corporate employment with one “side hustle” after another to feed her need for entrepreneurial pursuit. Then in 2017 she decided to trade in that “side hustle” mentality and get serious about business ownership, and later left the steady corporate job to dedicate herself full time to her family’s small business, G.I. Junk Removal. Now, she continues to run the business with her husband while she’s also pursuing her MBA with a focus in entrepreneurship from Babson College.

Her superpower is the ability to quickly synthesize data and information to create efficient systems and achieve complex goals.

What am I most passionate about?

I am passionate about innovation through inspired action and efficient systems.

Jennifer's Coaching Philosophy

I believe in a holistic approach to coaching. Business owners are people before all else, and as people they bring their own struggles, perspectives, and talents to the table. Entrepreneurs need to understand how to capitalize on their strengths, compensate for any deficits, and expand their mindset to accommodate the level of success they are capable of obtaining.
You don’t have to know EXACTLY where you’re headed to take steps in the right direction. Imperfect action will get you further than perfect inaction, and the bumps along the way will build your skillset and strengthen your resilience. I look forward to guiding others to take their own big leaps toward success on their own terms.
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