Kris Cook

CEO / Coach

No Button?

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If you feel that you are at the end of your rope, and your business has you in a vice, it may be time to swallow your pride and ask for help. You are not alone. There is a community who can help you take the next right step to get where you want to go.
I grew up as a huge baseball fan. I also grew up in a divorced but entrepreneurial and hard working home. I attended college at Biola University, where I was a scholar athlete, and 3x recipient of the “Bulldog Award” (voted hardest worker by my teammates). I started my first business through sheer grit going door to door washing windows which later morphed into an exterior cleaning & concrete restoration business. Over the next decade, I grew it to several million dollars before burning out and almost giving up. By what I believe to be divine intervention, I was introduced to Brandon Vaughn & the Conquer community where I was set on a path of health and hope. Today, I still embrace the principles from the simple formula of Community + Clarity + Accountability = Conquer.

What am I most passionate about?

Developing healthy business structure and finances. My Superpower is in implementing healthy structure and proven systems to empower entrepreneurs to new heights.

Kris's Coaching Philosophy

I can only share my experience. If I don’t have that experience, I will do the best I can to connect you with someone who does. There is power in you and in the collective group and we can find it together.
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