RJ Patel

CEO / Coach

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RJ has started, built from scratch 5 businesses and purchased one, a total of 6. Recognized for with than a dozen community and national awards. He does not own a fake plant…because it won’t grow. Growing plants, people and leading a balanced life with Faith, Family, Friends and a passion for Futbol (the real One 😊).

What am I most passionate about?

It was once shared with me that “if I light someone’s candle…more then likely it will not diminish my light” but will brighten the room with two candles. The more entrepreneurial candles we can light the brighter the business world will become. I am most passionate about helping entrepreneurs find their happy place in life.

RJ's Coaching Philosophy

1. It takes time and a commitment to carefully navigate running a business.

2. To have success, it’s a process and each process requires fine tuning to have a solid foundation to leap from for optimal growth.

3.  My grandfather taught me that the fingers on our hand are not all the same size. So, every day is going to be different and preparing people for the different situations will be a pleasure. He also said, it’ll take all four finger and the thumb to make a strong fist.

4.  I approach the coaching with a high level of discipline and high expectation mindset. As a soccer coach I always showed my players the “how” to first then the “why” to refine their technical abilities. The test was in the execution on game day. As your coach in business, I will provide the same level of coaching with discipline, accountability and lots of love sprinkled in there. The goals and weekly numbers will be the test.

5.  As a coach, when you apply the business and life principles we focus, and you Succeed! That means I succeed as a coach.

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