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Conquer started as a repository and e-learning platform for home service companies. Fast forward 5 years and we’ve grown into the leader in systems and coaching for the entire home service industry. With over 1,000 hours of content and 15 certified coaches, our team is here and ready to take your business to the next level. Times have changed. You don’t have to be a multi-million dollar conglomerate anymore to achieve rapid growth. Our systems and courses have leveled the playing field between you and everyone else. What’s holding you back?

CONQUER Leadership Team

Brandon Vaughn


Kedma Ough

Sr Director for Coaching

Michael Grigery

Brand ambassador

Josh Latimer


As the founder of AGS – now Conquer, Birds Beware, Quicktalk Podcast & author of countless resources for the home service industry, Josh has become the face of action and optimism for thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe.

Window Wealth

The perfect training program for the aspiring window & exterior cleaning entrepreneur. 100+ pages of content and 40 business systems inside.


Bootcamp Academy

A proven business blueprint for your service company. Over 40 systems & hours of training videos to help you along the way.

Brandon Vaughn

CEO / Coach

As the CEO of Conquer, Brandon’s mission is to help service-based business owners discover how to have a fulfilling work/life balance while growing and working toward an automated, systematized business. 



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Brian Hegarty


Brian is a serial entrepreneur from New Jersey. With over 40 years of business experience, Brian excels in building employee culture and business systems.
He spends 4 months living in Colorado skiing and the Florida Keys fishing on his boat. In his down time he rides horses, fishes, skis, teaches Krav Maga and spends time with family and friends.


The Ultimate Rockstar Employee Toolkit

After 35 years in business and over 1000 employees hired, Brian has mastered the art of hiring and retaining Rock-star employees. The course title says it all!

Patrick Clark


In 2010 at the age of 24 Pat and his wife Shielagh were struggling with Precision ProWash and in a leap of faith doubled down and spent their last $4,000 to hire a business consultant in a last effort to save their company. That leap of faith paid off. His company now doing multiple millions in revenue. Today, Pat is a coach, inventor and influencer in the pressure washing industry.


Sales Boost

Pat Clark started his business with $100 left in his account, and grew that business to 7-figures in just a few short years. In this course, he shares his exact strategies to build a world-class sales team, including his marketing processes to drive jobs on auto-pilot.

Mike Dahlke


Michael is an experienced leader focused on investing in home service entrepreneurs and helping companies navigate turnarounds where both strategy and capital are needed. He built Blue Skies Services from $60,000 of revenue to over $3,000,000 in six seasons. Michael is a featured speaker across the country for various different organizations.


1-on-1 With Michael Dahlke

Get inside the mind of one of the brightest minds in home services. Josh Latimer sits down with Michael Dahlke to talk business growth, developing leaders and strategy.

Alonzo Adams


Alonzo Adams has served as the President of Busy Bee Cleaning Company since 1992. Busy Bee Cleaning Company is one the most successful independent residential cleaning services in the world. Busy Bee Cleaning Company was awarded the Best Residential Cleaning Service in Philadelphia and the Mainline by Mainline Today and Philadelphia Magazine. Busy Bee was the first and only residential cleaning service to receive these honors multiple times. Alonzo served as the President of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International and currently serves on their executive committee of the association. He previously served as mentor chair for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Alonzo is MAP Management System Alumni Alonzo has received awards for his leadership, personal achievements and involvement in the community.

Jackie Starcher

AIM Manager

Jackie has been building businesses for as long as she can remember. Starting off as an entrepreneur and running a service business, she was forced to reinvent herself after the market crash of 2008. But, the same market that killed her business made her curious and as a result, she took it mostly to accounting. She took all the 15 or so years of business modeling and coaching and compiled the digested content into a learning matrix. Powered and paired up with a leading company in the industry, she is now working to create tools/content/actionable methods to present a model that delivers real results for your business. 

Joshua Taylor


I am a Husband, Father of 4, ex ER Nurse turned Entrepreneur. While my passion is in helping other small business owners, I am also a business owner myself. In 2 seasons I scaled my small power washing company from $250k/ year to over $1.3M. I love marketing, growth planning, and budgets. Team is everything, and surrounding myself with great people has been the key component to my success. I am a fitness geek, so in my spare time you can find me at the local crossfit gym or on the wrestling Mat with my kids.

RJ Patel


RJ has started, built from scratch 5 businesses and purchased one, a total of 6. Recognized for with than a dozen community and national awards. He does not own a fake plant…because it won’t grow. Growing plants, people and leading a balanced life with Faith, Family, Friends and a passion for Futbol (the real One 😊).

Caleb Wininger


Caleb resides in southeast Michigan, where he owns an automated, turnkey exterior cleaning business. He loves nerding out on business systems, automation, and organization. He also has a deep appreciation for strong company cultures. Caleb serves as the Basecamp Resource Director for the AGS Conquer Program, and has been a part of the Conquer family from it’s very beginning.

Bennett Grove


Husband to an amazing and supportive wife. Father of 2 rascal boys. Veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Retired Firefighter with 17 Years on the job. Coach to firefighters that have a side business. Leader and CEO of a 7 figure home services company. Ongoing student of life, leadership and development. Always pursuing growth.

Sam Gembel


I have been working in the landscape industry since 2002. After holding a production manager position at a local lawn care company, my passion for the industry drove me to drop the day job and pursue my dream of entrepreneurship. In 2007, I began doing landscape services for friends and family. It didn’t take long for my client base to catch on that this wasn’t just going to be a hobby for me. I went on to launch Atlas Outdoor in the Spring of 2011 working from my driveway with 3 employees. I would describe myself as a “Technician that had an entrepreneurial seizure”. I didn’t realize all of the challenges that would present themselves as my company skyrocketed in growth. In just our 2nd year in business, the company grossed over $1,000,000 in annual sales. Today, the company employs over 75 Team Members grossing over 5.5M in annual revenue. We hold numerous accreditations including being an Authorized Installer for Unilock, I.C.P.I. and N.C.M.A. Certified for Pavers and Walls, and Accredited by the ASCA for Snow and Ice Management Services. I credit company culture as our #1 asset that lead to our award winning Team that positions ourselves for success and continued growth year after year.

Jon Majak


Jon started from humble beginnings with a less than fortunate childhood, very little guidance and no money. Rather than using his struggle as a crutch, he harnessed it as fuel to ignite the life he always wanted but was never given. He built and sold several companies including one of the busiest pressure washing companies in Florida, doing millions in revenue. After exiting the company, he leveraged his “school of hard knocks” knowledge to launch Mr. Pipeline Internet Marketing, which helps growing service businesses measurably scale to the highest level possible through proven digital marketing systems and strategies. Jon is married, has 1 son, 2 dogs and resides in beautiful South Florida. He believes he was put on this earth to “be the light” for people so they can discover their true self and build the life of their dreams.

Colin DeHaan


Colin enrolled in the Conquer program in 2019 and admits that Conquer helped him overcome so many of his own self-limiting beliefs. Fast forward to 2 years later, he cannot wait to help others experience the same freedom he is enjoying! 

His passion goes to sales as his favorite, with company culture creation a very close second!”

Elena Ledoux


Elena is an attorney, mom and serial entrepreneur. Within two(2) short years, Superb Maids bought their own office building, generated millions in revenue and employed more than 40 people.

Elena has won the SBA’s 2019 Small Business Person of the Year Nevada and the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the National Association of Women Business Owners.

In her spare time, Elena is building Mommy GO and Matcha GO. She supports the Healthy Sunrise Foundation providing life-saving care for pregnant women and babies around the world. Her mission in life is to help other people to achieve their goals

Nick DeMark


Nick DeMark is the owner of an exterior maintenance company since 2007 and from its inception focused on providing superior service.  DeMarks’ started as a window cleaning company and expanded into additional building services such as pressure cleaning, softwashing, gutter cleaning and snow removal. The measured expansion of DeMarks’ services has grown the company to over 25 employees and generating millions in revenue each year. Nick was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year and selected as the #1 Service Provider & Newsmaker of the Year by The Daily Reporter. Nick embraces coaching and has committed his company to testing and measuring results from sales to service. He is numbers focused and goal driven. His communication style is straight forward, focused, and thoughtful. He derives great satisfaction from helping clients overcome obstacles and move their businesses forward.

Once you meet Nick, you will see that he emulates C/D personality traits, he strives for excellence in everything he does, and he’s committed to assisting you with your success and business growth.

Michael Grigery

Coach / Brand Ambassador

Michael Grigery has directed Marketing efforts for a multi-billion dollar company and was instrumental in building franchise-level systems for a nationwide exterior cleaning company, as well as coaching extensively with franchise owners. He is a marketing and financial expert, and a total servant leader with a huge heart for small business owners. He loves giving small business owners access to enterprise level marketing systems and regularly adds tools and resources to BASECAMP.

Matt Clark


Matt is a Championship Pit Crew Coach that has a unique perspective on high-performance team building and coaching. During his 16 seasons, he was part of 5 NASCAR® Championships, and over 80 race wins. He has worked with drivers Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and others during his tenure.
Matt has leveraged his experience to positively impact executives and organizations by adding value through coaching, training, workshops, and keynotes that focus on DISC methodology, leadership development, and team building. He understands the challenges of developing leaders, building teams and achieving results in an extremely competitive environment.

Brandon Lazar


Brandon consider himself to be an entrepreneur all his 33 years of existence. He literally sold rocks from the playground to his kindergarten teacher! While he was earning his business degree, he started and operated a number of businesses. In addition to running a seven-figure gutter & window cleaning company that is entering it’s 14th year in business now, he also operate a new software startup called HourlyIQ, as well as a growing commercial real estate portfolio.
Besides entrepreneurship, his real passion goes for adventure travel. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and the Mt Everest Base Camp, a motorcycle trip from East to South Africa and a number of trips to SE Asia are some of the experiences that he was blessed with.

David Mulcahy


Have you ever worked in a family business or your dream job, thought it was going to be your end game and realize after years of dedication it was a DEAD END? That was David literally in 2014. Realizing this and making a pivot within a few months has set him to a path of success and business development. Systemizing a business during the Covid-19 pandemic and establishing a strong management team has set his businesses on a course of success with minimal daily tasks that he needs to attend to. Now, he has every opportunity to share that freedom and success in growing and automating a recurring business model with others while his own businesses continue to prosper.

Chase Lord


Chase started washing houses in early 2016 while at his corporate job in Nuclear power. He left Corporate America in May of 2017 to pursue the American dream of business ownership and to escape the rat race. By the grace of God, he went from a $500 truck and trailer to what is now a five truck operation doing over $1.3 million dollars in sales and is rapidly growing.

Chase is a motivated self-starter who leads others to achieve more than they ever thought possible. He knows that running a successful business is only 20% head knowledge and 80% grit and stick-to-it-iveness. Chase genuinely loves well and wants nothing more than to see others succeed in business and life.

Ryan Knoll


Ryan started his home services business, Tidy Casa, in 2015 which grew to over $1M a year shortly after its founding. Ryan is passionate about helping others solve problems and navigate entrepreneurship. As such, Ryan often volunteers to help the underprivileged youth learn about entrepreneurship.
He’s a former digital marketing consultant for Fortune 500 companies like PetSmart, Microsoft, and LG and has  an astounding background in marketing. In fact he is certified in Marketo, Google Analytics, and Search Metrics. He’s held workshops on digital marketing at both ASU and UofA. Always obsessed with learning and taking on new skills, Ryan spends much of his free time reading or painting. Art is his biggest passion after entrepreneurship and coaching. 

John Pla


John is a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, has three kids, a wife of 25 years who he met in college. Grew up in Whittier CA, went to catholic schools and graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He thrives and gets super excited about making efforts toward transformational relationships versus transactional. He goes for ‘Empathy and Peeling the Onion’ to question your why. He believes that to understand what makes that person who they are, and give you insight into how and why they think and act the way they do, you need to ‘Listen, Listen, Listen’ because most of one’s problems are embedded in their natural conversation and how they explain situations

Fred Hodge


Fred, who grew up watching Joe Torre, Bill Parcells, and Tom Coughlin coaching his beloved teams, took away something from each and now has the vision, knowledge and experience to get you where you want to be! After 18 years of trial and error, he is ready to share what works. He consider himself a professional problem solver, a big sport fan and someone who focuses to make sure he spend a lot of time with family. After 18 years of trial and error, hIs business is now running on all cylinders and growing at 40%+ per year but also making sure he still have a plenty of family time!

Morgan Knox


Morgan completed a BBA I Entrepreneurial Studies and was focused on strategy and business behaviorism (why we do what we do in business, and how to do it better). She worked for nonprofits as an educator, business admin, and personnel wrangler. After starting a family, she founded a bookkeeping firm and merged with a partner to specialize in accounting services for trades contractors. Serving in a fractional-CFO role to contractors for several years led her to mergers and acquisitions consulting, professional network building, and a profound enjoyment for coaching leaders towards their best selves!

Jason Miller


Attorney turned entrepreneur Jason started Qleen with the vision of building a user and provider-friendly platform focused on home services. His concept of creating a bridge between customers and service-based small businesses and contractors has put the company on track to complete $4 million in sales this year. Combining legal savvy with creative vision, Jason is able to assist other enterprising individuals with automating their business processes, navigating the world of marketing, product development, prototyping, and developing team culture for growth. 

Irum Rashid-Jones


Irum is a woman of many hats. She’s a mom, wife, trusted advisor, entrepreneur, investor, author, podcaster, philanthropist, and award-winning professional. The gift she shares with the world is her ability to transform environments, communities & businesses into fully functioning & flourishing resources. In addition to this hard work, her heart work is education & creating opportunities for under-resourced families. She’s the Founder of SPARK360; a nationally recognized STEM program that focuses on workforce development, accessibility & careers in construction. 

Marvin Salcido Jr.


Marvin built several, multi-million dollar companies, from the ground up. Although not all of the companies that he have started worked out, he didn’t let those failures define him, neither caused him to slow down. During his professional career, he started and purchased nearly 20 companies. Marvin absolutely love providing good and stable jobs for many people in his community. He is a self-starter, that perseveres, even during tough times!