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About Chris Willatt

I have been the founder of Alpine Maids since 2016. I built Alpine Maids to 2,000,000 in revenue and am now focusing on where to go next. As a former geologist, I have brought a scientific approach to entrepreneurship. All of my staff are hyper-focused on proving their theories with numbers, and we are always experimenting. Even when things are going well, we want to test to see if there is anything we could do better. Leading by numbers allows us to remove some emotion from our decisions and move much faster than other businesses. In my free time, I mountain bike and travel off-road all summer and snowboard in the winter.

What is your coaching philosophy?

My coaching philosophy is you must believe in what you are doing. I cannot tell you what to do and have you achieve results. Actions and decisions are much more effective when it is your idea and not mine.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is managing by numbers.

What are your areas of expertise?

What are your personal interests?

In order: Family, Mountain Biking, Cars (23 M3, 68 GTO, 18 Wrangler, 20 AMG GLC 63s), Snowboarding
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