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Michael Grigery

CEO / Coach / Brand Ambassador

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Michael Grigery has a unique skill-set sought after by home service entrepreneurs across North America. Having directly involved in every level of multiple home service industries, Michael is overly prepared to deliver exceptional results for his clients. His experience spans from roles including owner, director, consultant and strategist. His unique perspective is not derived from “his” way to do things, but “your’ way.

What am I most passionate about?

“My passion is helping entrepreneurs overcoming their internal, self-limiting challenges giving them the tools and courage to CONQUER their goals. In a sense,  to help you, help you.”

Michael's Coaching Philosophy

I believe that everybody has what it takes to be successful. What separates us is our ability take massive action and execute. 

“With all the tools and resources available today, the only thing keeping people from making it is themselves. This is why I do what I do. 

The CONQUER™ program has leveled the playing field between those that have it and those that want it.” Today, everyone can play with a stacked deck. All you need to do is surround yourself with the right people.

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