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Kedma Ough

CEO / Coach

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Kedma is a 5th gen entrepreneur, and has coached more than 10,000 entrepreneurs across dozens of industries including home services. Recognized as an SBA champion, Ough is a best selling author and national expert on targeting funds for businesses. Her superhero powers are finding grants/funds/resources, and building innovative-driven companies.

What am I most passionate about?

I am most passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to scale companies with the investment of less capital. Often I can help save businesses thousands of dollars with one coaching call. Secondarily, I am passionate about scaling companies that build their culture on the foundation of innovation. They are willing to think out of the box with new processes, new mindsets, and even the development of new product lines.

Kedma's Coaching Philosophy

  1. Building a business is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. I train you to run your business so you will not collapse halfway through the marathon.
  2. If you are the kind of entrepreneur that wants to jump off the cliff and build the plane on the way down – I will build you an incredible parachute but I won’t jump off the cliff with you. Rather I prefer to coach from a hot air balloon as I can remove one ballast at a time so you can stabilize your company as it reaches a higher altitude.
  3. I teach my clients how to play business like a chess game. CONQUER provides all the tools, resources, and systems to ensure anyone can be successful. However you need to understand that strategy is everything. Your ability to master discipline, grit, and sheer determination is necessary for consistent execution.
  4. I approach the art of coaching with kindness, however I deliver my feedback like a target that is straight and to the point.  Since I have coached more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, I have learned to track patterns for business success and business failure so my clients don’t just survive. They thrive.
  5. Finally, I focus on building your personal brand in alignment with your business brand. I built my following on Linked In to 33,000 in approximately a year with basic videos. Creating yourself as an influencer within the industry elevates your expertise in the industry.
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