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Irum Rashid-Jones

CEO / Coach

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Irum is a woman of many hats. She’s a mom, wife, trusted advisor, entrepreneur, investor, author, podcaster, philanthropist, and award-winning professional. The gift she shares with the world is her ability to transform environments, communities & businesses into fully functioning & flourishing resources. 

In addition to this hard work, her heart work is education & creating opportunities for under-resourced families. She’s the Founder of SPARK360; a nationally recognized STEM program that focuses on workforce development, accessibility & careers in construction. 

What am I most passionate about?

Building a Better Tomorrow. 

Irum's Coaching Philosophy

Help others realize their potential. If I was a spokesperson for anything, it’d be collaboration,” she said, pointing out that collaborative people are willing to do whatever it takes for the greater good of the project. “My project,” she adds, “is improving the lives of others.

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