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Elena Ledoux

CEO / Coach

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Elena is an attorney, 2019 SBA’s Small Business Person of the Year for Nevada, National Association of Women Business Owners’ Entrepreneur of the Year, and Healthy Sunrise Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year. She scaled her maid service from $1k to seven figures in three years, created natural energy product brand, and is one of the top writers on Quora worldwide. Her superpowers are building systems and building and managing relationships.

What am I most passionate about?

“I am passionate about improving the world through helping others. This includes helping our Conquerors persevere and thrive. Entrepreneurship is not an easy road and it’s a true honor to be a part of this journey for the remarkable people in this program and to have their trust.”

Elena's Coaching Philosophy

  1. 99% of the magic happens OUTSIDE of the coaching calls. I don’t have the magic recipe, I just help set the direction and get you the access to the information you need. The rest is done by you.
  2. Mindset is everything. My favorite saying is: “When the thunder strikes, cows run away from it and buffalos run towards it.” Choose to be a buffalo even when you feel like a cow.
  3. I am a super demanding coach and there are severe consequences when you fail to meet your accountabilities. If you’re going to procrastinate and not keep your promises to yourself, you can do it OUTSIDE of Conquer™, for free.
  4. Your physical, mental, and emotional state has an enormous impact on the success of your business. Therefore, you’ll need to take care of your personal needs and invest in self-care and your health.
  5. If you believe that the economy is bad, millennial’s suck, your area is tough, your clients and employees are there to take advantage of you, I wouldn’t be the right coach for you. If your goal in Conquer™ is only about hitting a big revenue number, I am also not the right coach for you.
  6. Coaching through Conquer™ collapses time. Things you’ve spent months or years of procrastinating on will get done in weeks or days. It’s hard work. You will probably have dark circles under your eyes.
  7. Conquer™ is about conquering yourself. You will conquer your perfectionism, your procrastination, and your fear of failure. It is also about building life-long friendships with your fellow Conquerors!
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