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Morgan Knox

CEO / Coach

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Born a Texan in a family full of craftspeople, Morgan completed a BBA I Entrepreneurial Studies and was focused on strategy and business behaviorism (why we do what we do in business, and how to do it better). She worked for nonprofits as an educator, business admin, and personnel wrangler. After starting a family, she founded a bookkeeping firm and merged with a partner to specialize in accounting services for trades contractors.

Serving in a fractional-CFO role to contractors for several years led her to mergers and acquisitions consulting, professional network building, and a profound enjoyment for coaching leaders towards their best selves!

Her superpower –  Influence. Morgan loves knowing the right people, the right context, and the right tools to influence any situation for the greater good.

What am I most passionate about?

I want to drive innovation at the industry level. Better communities, better businesses, better lives. I cut through the fog of the most complex elements of businesses, translating it for leaders into useful information. I design high-level strategy AND dive into specific tactics to guide successful implementation. I am the ultimate networker, and ambassador of ideas.

Morgan's Coaching Philosophy

1. Our decisions are only as good as the information we are making them on. 
2. As a leader, you should understand the guiding principals behind the systems we implement so you can exercise the power adapt accordingly.
3. There is massive power in strategic relationships. Expand your connections to expand your mind, and leverage the best solutions in the group.
4. There are many answers in other places that simply need to be translated back to ours.
5. Finally: we should all keep thinking bigger.
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