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Nick DeMark

CEO / Coach

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Nick started his exterior maintenance company  only as a window cleaning company in 2007, and then successfully expanded into additional building services. The measured expansion of his services has grown the company to over 25 employees and generating millions in revenue each year. Nick was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year and selected as the #1 Service Provider & Newsmaker of the Year by The Daily Reporter. He embraces coaching and has committed his company to testing and measuring results from sales to service. He is numbers-focused and goal driven. His communication style is straight forward, focused, and thoughtful. He derives great satisfaction from helping clients overcome obstacles and move their businesses forward. Nick emulates C/D personality traits, he strives for excellence in everything he does, and he’s committed to assisting you with your success and business growth.

If you are driven to see your company grow and are excited to embrace actionable steps, implement strategies, and KPI’S into your organization…  then, let’s get started TODAY!

What am I most passionate about?

I derive great satisfaction from seeing business owners grow their organizations through mindful, results-oriented strategies that push the organization to exceed what they thought was never possible.

Nick's Coaching Philosophy

Identify strengths and weakness, monitor performance and set goals to move the organization forward.
Areas of Expertise:
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