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About Sam Gembel

I have been working in the landscape industry since 2002. After holding a production manager position at a local lawn care company, my passion for the industry drove me to drop the day job and pursue my dream of entrepreneurship. In 2007, I began doing landscape services for friends and family. It didn’t take long for my client base to catch on that this wasn’t just going to be a hobby for me. I went on to launch Atlas Outdoor in the Spring of 2011, working from my driveway with 3 employees. I would describe myself as a “Technician that had an entrepreneurial seizure.” I didn’t realize all of the challenges that would present themselves as my company skyrocketed in growth. In just our 2nd year in business, the company grossed over $1,000,000 in annual sales. Today, the company employs over 75 Team Members grossing over 5.5M in annual revenue. We hold numerous accreditations, including being an Authorized Installer for Unilock, I.C.P.I. and N.C.M.A. Certified for Pavers and Walls, and Accredited by the ASCA for Snow and Ice Management Services. I credit company culture as our #1 asset that lead to our award-winning team that positions ourselves for success and continued growth year after year.

What is your coaching philosophy?

My coaching philosophy is that everything in an organization rises and falls on leadership. When the leaders get better, EVERYBODY in the organization gets better!

What is your superpower?

My superpower is helping business owners grow within their company.

What are your areas of expertise?

What are your personal interests?

Family time, Camping, Fishing, Drumming at my church, reading
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