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Sam Gembel

CEO / Coach

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Sam Gembel,  the owner and founder of Atlas Outdoor based in Flint, Michigan, has been involved in the Landscape, Snow, and Service Industry since 2002. In 2007, he began doing landscape services for friends and family and it didn’t take long for his client base to catch on that this wasn’t going to just be a hobby for him. He went on to launch Atlas in the Spring of 2011 working from his driveway with just three employees. Describing himself as a “Technician that had an entrepreneurial seizure” after reading the book the E-Myth, he didn’t realize all of the challenges that would present themselves as his company skyrocketed in growth. In just their second year in business, the company grossed over $1M in annual sales with 15 employees and continued to grow to $5M in annual sales in just five years! Today, his company employs 75-100+ Team Members and is trusted to service hundreds of the most prestigious homes and businesses across Mid-Michigan and have won numerous service awards, including “Best Backyard in North America” from Unilock. His company has grown into what is now recognized as an industry leader all across the continent. Sam credits their incredible Company Culture, Servanthood, Stewardship, and Intentionality towards Personal Growth that has led to their tremendous achievements and sustainability over the years! He has an extreme passion for personal growth and leadership development and strives to make everyone around him push to be the best version of themselves. In addition to being a Coach for our Conquerors, he is certified and endorsed by John Maxwell as a Business Coach, Trainer, and Public Speaker.

What am I most passionate about?

Leadership Development, Personal Growth, The Power of Company Culture

Sam's Coaching Philosophy

The stronger we as leaders get, the better our companies and teams get!
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