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High Altitude

This is an online course exclusive to High Altitude members featuring the Group Expert Zoom Calls

Maid Service 911

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the Maid Service/Interior Cleaning industry. In this free crisis management class, learn from Elena Ledoux – attorney, mom & serial entrepreneur. Elena built her maid service business from a broom and a mop to millions in revenue with more than 40 employees – in only 2 years, and her business is still thriving during this COVID-19 pandemic.

A.G.S – Epic Webinar

3 Hours of education on business automation with Josh Latimer & Chris Lambrinides discussing growth, how to create a scalable, sellable business

The Ultimate Hiring Flywheel

Get ready to change the way you attract, hire and retain viciously loyal employees. It’s called a flywheel!

SendJim Super Course

What you are about to learn will radically transform your business into a SALES & MARKETING MACHINE!
Industry experts reveal their exact formulas for landing higher ticket jobs, closing more leads and generating insanely profitable businesses.

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