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If you are like most Employers, the biggest problem is getting good help.

  • 25% of all employees are engaged in your business.
  • 50% are just trading dollars for hours.
  • 25% are not engaged and are disruptive.

The common problem associated to hiring a bad employee are:

  • You just can’t find the right person.
  • They are “No Shows” or undependable.
  • They are not trustworthy.
  • They are not hungry enough.
  • They are disengaged.
  • You are having to redo the work.
  • Broken tools and equipment.

That costs a ton of money every year, so how do we solve these problems?

I created this training course based on my 35 years of experience in hiring employees.
Miss Hires can potentially cost you 3 times more than the employee’s salary.
Some of the contributing factors are:
  • Hiring Costs.
  • On boarding Costs.
  • Training Costs.
  • Fixing Substandard Work.
  • Losing other employees due the “Miss Hire”.

I have been in business 35 years. I’ve owned gas stations, a one hour photo, a lobster company, and a limo company. I’ve hired over a 1000 people in my career and 970 of them were MISS HIRES.

In this course I will show you:
  1. How to Recruit “A” Players using our automated funnel that eliminates “B” & “C” players and increase your chance of an “A” player by 90%!
  2. The interview process will determine Hunger, Humility, People Smarts, and if they fit into your company culture.
  3. The On boarding Process that gets new hires up to speed fast by using an online training course.
  4. Retention through Praise, Flexibility, Benefits and Money.
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