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Lisa Macqueen helps her clients crack the code of cleaning business success by using a combination of technology and smart marketing ideas to dominate their industry. She spent 20 years working in sales and marketing for large international hotel chains, before joining her husband Hamish, in the family business, Cleancorp. Not long after starting her ‘new career’ she realized that not only was the business struggling, but there were no systems or processes in place to capture leads, nurture clients or manage day to day workflow. So, she set about creating what she calls a S-y-s-t-e-m (save yourself some time energy and money), and turned the cleaning business into a multi-million dollar national cleaning company in the space of a few short years. Lisa’s new career is centered around her goal to help her clients build a relationship with their prospects and customers, because when people know who you are, you can charge more, have more credibility and be more visible as an industry leader – essentially you can dominate markets, instead of competing in them. Lisa is also the winner of the InfusionSoft Small Business ICON Award for 2014 (formerly known as the Ultimate Marketer Award), entrepreneur, speaker, author, marketer, business owner, wife and mother to her 3 daughters. Lisa’s unique approach to the cleaning business and her dogged determination to the ideal that no cleaning business owner or entrepreneur wants their company to be just ‘average’ they often just don’t know how to be amazing. In Sparkling Success, she’ll show you the step-by-step system that she used to take her business from average to amazing. 

What’s inside:                                          

Module 1: Creating the Perfect Cleaning Client
Module 2: How to Position Your Business as the Best Company for the Job
Module 3: Attracting Ideal Clients to Your Cleaning Business
Module 4: Positioning Your Services to Acquire the Best Customers
Module 5: Winning the Best Jobs
Module 6: Getting to a State of High Performance and Growth

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