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Value Per Touch

Every single time you talk to a customer, every single time they see a company truck driving down the road, every time they get an email from your company, every single interaction a company has with a customer through any medium is considered a touch. It’s the concept that every single interaction you have…

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Selling Your Business

People frequently ask me  what is needed to make my business “Sale Ready.”  I want to spend a few minutes and give you my perspective on what is most important when selling.  Because I was in the cleaning business, or more accurately the window and pressure cleaning business, I can only speak from that experience.…

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How To Sell Anything

The lifeblood of almost every single business on planet Earth is sales. If you can’t sell, you’re dead in the water. Sales are also a highly competitive endeavor, everyone is trying to beat you, so get ready to compete.  I hope you have a  competitive side because you’re gonna’ need it to win in business.…

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