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10 Powerful Reasons Send Out Cards Falls Short For Small Businesses

Let me show you why is a much more powerful tool for small business than Send Out Cards. First of all our entire product was created, built, designed and calibrated for small business owners.   I placed a huge emphasis on speed and simplicity and I think you will appreciate that. Send Out Cards is a very clever and interesting platform used by tens of thousands of people.   They are a quality company but fall short in many ways for the small business owner. Here is why SendJim is the obvious choice for a small business owner when it comes to relationship marketing. 1:  We are not an MLM company No, you do not have to try and “recruit” your friends, family and employees into using our product.   For most small businesses owners they want a simple solution that delivers the results they need without the hassle of being pitched joining a multi-level marketing scheme. 2:  SendJim is FAST Once your account is configured you can send mailings or even entire year long sequences of many mailings in mere seconds.   Our Google Chrome extension allows you to send mailings in 7 seconds flat! Send Out Cards can take over 10 minutes to prepare and send one single mailing and ain’t no one got time for that :) 3:  SendJim pricing is SIMPLE Want to get confused and get a headache?  Try figuring out how the pricing structure works for Send Out Cards. They keep their pricing murky and layered which causes people to overpay and not understand the true cost of mailings. With us you pay a simple subscription and thats it. 4:  SendJim is LESS EXPENSIVE For one thing, all of our mailing prices automatically included shipping and postage.  We don’t add it on at the end in an effort to trick you. SendOutCards breaks apart the postage, shipping and mailing costs separately leading to a lot of confusion and higher prices. Unless you want to build a multi level marketing empire, SendJim is less expensive on postcards, gifts and most everything else. 5:  SendJim is EASY. Send Out Cards is a very deep product with a huge library of options, configurations and settings.   Just creating a simple sequence with SOC is extremely confusing and time consuming. SendJim is a simple drag and drop editor so easy your Grandma could do it. 6:  SendJim is MOBILE. Our mobile app is so fast its scary.  We even have a “Find Me” button for when your out in the field and need to quickly auto-populate an address. Use our mobile app to quickly add “tags” to your contacts and keep them separated into groups. Add a custom image to print on the front of a postcard in less than 10 seconds. SendOutCards has a mobile app but sending each mailing is a time consuming and frustrating process not to mention it doesn’t do what we do. 7:  SendJim has RADIUS BOMB (coming soon) Use your finger to draw a circle on our special map and you can select an entire geographical area, subdivision,  etc in seconds to send mailings to. This is AMAZING for realtors, service companies and more to laser focus your marketing to only exact neighborhoods. Imagine the 5 neighbors of one of your clients AUTOMATICALLY getting a postcard campaign sent to them after you finish doing business with them.  With us this is easy peezy. SendOutCards has nothing even close to a feature like this. 8:  SendJim has an OPEN API (coming soon) This means we can integrate with anyone or anything to make your mailings even better.  We are probably already hooked up to your favorite CRM. Imagine a thank you card or other sequence automatically being triggered by an action you perform inside an existing application.  The possibilities are amazing. 9:  SendJim mails LETTERS Send Out Cards does not allow you to mail form letters to your clients or prospects but we do.  This is a HUGE tool when using SendJim for commercial lead generation. You can send an entire years worth of follow up letters to the person of your choosing in less than 30 seconds. BONUS:  Our letters allow for the printing of a custom image (like your prospects property) visible from the outside of the envelope.  This personalization causes huge open rates. 10:  SendJim has EMAIL You can include personalized emails in your mailings/sequences for FREE.  Send Out Cards does not even offer email as a mailing type. In conclusion I want to make sure you understand that my position is not Anti-SendOutCards.  I think SOC is a useful tool and a very interesting business model but it is not what is best for small business owners in most cases. I used SendOutCards in the early days of my service business and I always felt like I was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.   Something was “off” and it caused me personal frustration.  It took soooo long just to send a single mailing out. Thats why I created SendJim. Relationship marketing is the MOST POWERFUL business building weapon you can ever use in your business and SOC understands that along with us. The thing is, we just made it a LOT easier, faster and cheaper. Thanks for reading and if this makes sense to you set up a FREE DEMO of SendJim and we can explain why our solution is far superior. Joshua Latimer  

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