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5 Ways that Marketing Will Boost Your Sales

Marketing is the best way to help small businesses build success. With a great marketing strategy, you have the ability to grow your customer base, and continue to hold onto current customers. This being said, taking the time to learn how to effectively market your business is a small move that will produce large changes.

Today’s business owners have marketing resources available for low cost and sometimes even for free! The capability of businesses then to market is easy with just 5 changes they can add to produce large scale growth for their companies.

If you’re looking to get your small business from operating from your house to amassing hundreds or even thousands of customers, you need to integrate proper marketing into your daily routine; so here are 5 ways you can use marketing to help get you where you want to be.

You need to promote yourself!

This is key in getting your business on the map. If the only thing you can afford at the moment is a business card, then look no further than; they offer an array of affordable templates that you can customize to suit your business’s needs. You should go with a template that offers room on the back of the card for coupons, images, or text as this space can be a conversation starter. You can create conversation here by placing your proposed value.

By marketing in person, you are able to hold the attention of your prospect and control the situation by handing them your card face down. This will allow you to make sure the first thing they see is your big promise on the back of the card and leading them to inquire about it. You now have your opener to help gain you another customer!

You are the expert!

By getting other people to see you as the expert in your field and even giving potential clients free advice, you’re able to start to build your brand quicker. There is no better way to help get your business going, get seen in online forums and social media, then to know what you’re talking about. Get others to believe that you are professional and the most proficient in what you do. This goes for any type of business that you run; it’s you who is the expert. Take on the title and show your customers and potential customers that you know what you’re talking about.

When you are able to help people because you’re an expert in that field, others will see that and will search for your advice. This is a great way to earn appreciation and loyalty and helps to build your customer base. If you’re still trying to find your niche ask yourself this:

  1. What is the most common problem my followers post about?
  2. How does my product/ service solve this?
  3. Where are these individuals usually hanging out online?

Find the answer to these questions and make it a part of your daily or weekly routine to post solutions to these queries, with your products and email-marketing magnet. The people who need your service will become your new leads.

How friendly and welcoming is your website?

If you already have a website built, it could be time for a change. There are several options you can look to for updating. I may recommend checking out this Free Website Checker from HubSpot.

New Theme:

Selecting a new theme should be fun and not break the bank. Choose a simple theme that has a clear direction and is easy for people to navigate. There are a variety of sites that offer Free themes for your new site, Envato Marketplace may be the best place to start. Because I build all of my sites in Clickfunnels, I built a Service business website template and you are welcome to download that here

Clickfunnels Is Relatively New So there are not many templates Available for that platform yet, so grab your now :)

<===Click To Get My Cleaning Company’s Website Template For ClickFunnels

Install free plug ins:

This can open up an entirely new world of marketing for you. From video plugins to lead generating plugins, there are so many to choose from. There’s bound to be at least one plug in most suitable for your type of business. While this mostly relates to WordPress websites, don’t forget that there are a lot of third party tools that can optimize your traffic without compromising the load time of your site. Basically, don’t go to crazy with plugins. 

Create landing pages:

Since most of your customers will be coming from social media, landing pages and new, different offers of your business’s services/ products will help to bring them in. Start by creating a couple test landing pages to see which one generates the most clicks and leads. A good website for this is Clickfunnels. Once you know which option works best, incorporate that into your marketing platform to help bring people to your website.

ClickFunnels isn’t just a drag and drop editor. I can put all my email sequences in, automate upsells and downsells, run an entire affiliate program on all my products, and much more. ClickFunnels is changing the way everything is sold and replaces over $1000+/month in other tools! Ready to take your biz to the next level? Grab their 2 week trial for free now! [button size=”long” url=”″ open_new_tab=”true” text=”Get Your FREE 14 Day Trial Now!” icon=”” type=”success” bottom_margin=””]

Just because it works today, doesn’t mean it’ll work tomorrow!

It’s always great finding a marketing strategy that really works, but don’t think you’re work is done when it comes to marketing strategy. What may work great one day may not have an impact 3 months from now. With marketing, there will always be something new to try and so there will never be a dull day!

The marketing relationship and your audience is constantly changing, so do not invest your entire budget into one thing that works; you must always be prepared to change up your marketing strategy when the time comes; invest in what will work over the years instead of just today. You can use a free tool such as Google Analytics to confirm that visitors are still coming to your page because of your marketing efforts.  It is best if you have a fun perspective on marketing, so that it doesn’t become a burdensome task. Since marketing strategies can change so frequently, enjoying the journey will make your life a lot easier.

As the business owner, you’re the marketing department!

It is your job as the owner of your business to be a marketer, regardless of the size of your business. This is a hat you must always wear, and you must put in every effort to be the best marketer you can! A website and business profile are not guarantees to finding new customers. It’s your job to market what you’re selling, be it a product or a service. You have the responsibility of getting your business out there and marketing like a boss!

In conclusion, marketing is a key ingredient to a successful business. If you’re not willing to use the simple and cost effective tools to market, how will you expect to get others interested in your business? Your goal is to start marketing and promoting your business yesterday!  Every day counts, don’t hesitate to put in the effort today. One last thing to remember is to not make the mistake of focusing entirely on gaining new customers; it is your current customers that you must nurture as well, this will help you to keep them while also gaining new clients through word of mouth! A tricky thing this game of marketing can be, but the prize at the end is well worth it, a successful and continually growing business!

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  • Cashen Smith
    Posted June 30, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    Find Your Niche:
    Ask Yourself what is the most common problem? How does my product/services solve this? Be the Professional

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