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Kill The Noise

Noise. It’s everywhere. At home, in the street, in the media, Facebook and at work. Everyone seems to have something to say. It is completely numbingI think one of the biggest reasons people don’t follow through with their dreams is the fact that there is just too much noise. They get stuck, even paralyzed. Your drunk uncle has an opinion about your business and even though his opinion sucks it still causes you to doubt yourself.  Your parents who have never owned a business in their entire life have opinions that contradict yours and cause you to re-think your entire plan!  Ahhh. Trust me, I get it….and I’m getting sick of all the noise. You need to kill the noise. I need to kill the noise. Pay close attention to the ads on Facebook next time you are scrolling through your news feed. Person after person is claiming to be an expert of some kind. And in a heroic effort, they try to get you to buy their brand of noise. Heck, I’m one of those people in many ways. But the bottom line is this…

You are enough and you have what it takes

Let me say that again because it deserves repeating.  You are enough and you have what it takes. It is time you start taking action on the stuff you already know needs to be done, today Don’t read 15 more books on the theory of marketing and psychology and how to blah blah blah. Get off your ass and go do something. You don’t have an information problem, you have an action problem. There is this great book called Punch Fear In The Face. Well, at least I think it will be a good book, I haven’t read it yet and its on my bookshelf . But, let me tell you a little secret – even if I don’t ever read that book, I’m pretty sure I can still overcome fear and improve my life and my business. You wanna know why?


If I have learned one thing in my life and through the lives of the greats it is this single truth. Imperfect action always beats perfect inaction. You don’t need a guru or an opinion from your neighbor or the blessing from your Mom, you need action. You are performing for an audience of one. Don’t forget it. askyourself (2) Then, after you have reminded yourself what the point of your business was supposed to be in the first place, just simply take action…. somewhere… toward something…. even if imperfectly. Because I can absolutely guarantee you one thing if you don’t. You alone will be the one to live with the consequences, not the haters, the unsolicited opinion givers or your Mom. In closing, I do think education, being professionally competent and networking with likeminded people has tremendous value…  Even the opinions of others have some value but don’t use the pursuit of information hold you back from building a business. I spend close to a half million bucks starting a software company and didn’t know a damn thing about how to code or sell software. Why?  Because I believe in the product and the rest will figure itself out over time.

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  • Cashen Smith
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 1:25 pm

    Take Imperfect Action. We are our own worst enemies. We can doubt ourselves, and that doubt will disable our goals. Conquer Fear!

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